Natal Chiron in Pisces

Chiron PiscesChiron represents the primal wound, the urge to become whole and heal the self, while Pisces represents mysticism and unity.

With Chiron in Pisces the wound is to your relationship with the divine which may manifest in the following ways:

  • Loss of faith and/or trust in the divine, oneness, love or truth
  • Deep sense of betrayal and victimisation
  • Fear of being hurt because life and the universe are unfair, unjust and merciless
  • Tendency to develop a hard shell of pragmatism and cynicism
  • Fear of opening up, suspicious and lack trust in others, but highly sensitive inside
  • Tend to identify with lost causes and champion underdogs, always rescuing others
  • Blocked need for oneness may come through as sentimentality or gullibility

The Gift

Your healing journey involves the search for oneness and the divine, and your gift is integrating the divine into daily life. Through confronting the unfairness in your life you begin to see a larger pattern at work. Over time you may come to see that perhaps it’s all part of the divine plan and that there’s a deeper reason why things work the way they do. Everything is in your life for a reason. You can start to see the plan and so build a greater trust in life which brings renewed faith.

You are highly imaginative and romantic, and can pursue your aims with unshakable faith. You can offer the gifts of your imagination and profound spiritual connection for the good of all, and put your individuality into service of others. You are a natural healer because you feel a deep compassion for all beings. When you reconnect with the divine within, you can return to love, oneness, balance and wholeness.

For the context of how Chiron in Pisces will manifest – see Chiron’s house placement


  • Chiron and the Healing Journey – Melanie Reinhart
  • Chiron: Healing Body and Soul – Martin Lass


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