How to Interpret Natal Mars

marsMars represents how you assert yourself and seek to attain your goals, as well as your energy levels, feelings of courage, strength and confidence, and sexuality. It stands for the masculine side of the psyche, and sometimes shows the father figure. Mars represents the life force – a selfish, but necessary drive to survive and thrive.

Mars by Sign

  • The Mars sign shows how you assert yourself and go about getting what you want in life.
  • Mars serves the Sun so this sign shows how you affirm and express your individual identity and power, as well as how you express your sexual energy.
  • This sign also shows the animus image of the masculine side of the psyche (along with the Sun). You’ll either live this out yourself or project it onto others and seek it through relationships.

Mars by House

  • The house placement of Mars shows the area of life you can affirm your individual identity by expressing your power and potency (along with the houses which contain Aries and Scorpio). This is the area where you need to develop mastery of life.
  • This area is where you can feel aggressive, impatient, and easily angered. If your Mars energy is repressed or denied, it can lead to depression or illness connected with this area.
  • This house also shows where you try to impress others with how sexy, powerful, or ‘macho’ you are.

Aspects to Mars

  • Planets in aspect to Mars will influence how you assert yourself. Generally speaking, hard aspects show issues, conflicts and problems you may encounter when you try to express your autonomy or go after what you want.
  • Aspects to Mars show the areas of life through which you can feel strong or potent, and affirm your identity.
  • Planets in aspect to Mars also influence the animus image. If you’re a woman, you may project this and look for these qualities in a man. While a man may try to affirm his male ego by behaving in ways that reflect the qualities of these planets.

More Mars Keywords and Mars Myths

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