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Forthcoming Astrological Cycles and Transits: 2022 to 2032

Well, I’m not enjoying Corona Groundhog Day much and in the dim gaslighting, it’s hard to see the truth. But I do know that everything goes in cycles. Right now, we’re in the eye of the storm and things are about to get even more crazy – if that’s possible. We’re in the crossover period, a massive transition and transformation of consciousness that leads to a better future, potentially.

That future will only arrive if we – that means you and me! – choose to evolve and grow up and embody what we know to be true. Playtime is over. The dissolution of the old system is upon us and somebody has to plant positive seeds for the future. But there’s no point in planting too soon or in the wrong soil.

So in this post we’ll have a quick look at where we are in the grand scheme of things in terms of cycles and transits. Then we can explore each of the main features in detail later. For an overview on how cycles work read: Astrological Cycles & the Collective

Pluto is now reaching the end of Capricorn and evolutionary forces are tearing down the old corrupt system. Meanwhile Neptune in Pisces is busy dissolving illusions and driving collective insanity to epidemic levels. Uranus is stirring up trouble in the economy and storing up revolutionary surprises for next year, which will also see the Pluto return in the US chart.

Last year saw the start of three cycles with Saturn Pluto, Jupiter Pluto, and the Jupiter Saturn shift into 200 years of air transits marking the beginning of the end of materialism and hierarchies based on empire. The Saturn Uranus square is ongoing and continues into next year. Saturn currently appears to have the upper hand but that should change next year when the north node enters Taurus and triggers Uranus – expect ructions.

All this fun and games is happening within the context of multiple larger cycles that interconnect over extended periods of time. These are the cycles of the three outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which are reaching key points over the coming decade. Here are the highlights:

There’s a lot more going on than this, such as Jupiter and Saturn changing signs through the intervening years, but these are the main events to watch. Some of the cycles are moving into a wide orb this year or next year, but we might not start feeling them until the middle of the decade after the outer planets have changed signs. (Download a pdf of the complete list here)

The largest cycle of the outer planets started during the Axial Age with the conjunction of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Taurus in 579-577 BCE. This cycle lasts 4000 years so we’re now over halfway through it. The next conjunction of all three outer planets will be in about 3370 in Gemini – one for your diary!

The halfway point in this 4000 year cycle happened in the 1390s when Uranus opposed the Neptune Pluto conjunction in Gemini in 1398-99. Uranus opposed Neptune and then Pluto from Sagittarius between 1391 and 1396. This also marked a key turning point in the Neptune Pluto cycle.

The way the orbits of these planets line up means the cycles follow a pattern. Neptune’s orbit is roughly two-thirds of Pluto’s, and Uranus is one-third. So in the 493 year Neptune Pluto cycle, Pluto will go around the zodiac twice, while Neptune goes round three times. Each conjunction takes place in almost the same position, moving ahead by a few degrees each time and gradually shifting through the zodiac.

The conjunction in 1398 was the first to happen in Gemini for a long time. Prior to that, they’d been in Taurus since 1071 BCE. These shifts into the next sign mark important turning points in the development of civilisation. The shift into Gemini coincided with the start of the European Renaissance when many seeds were planted.

The Axial Age in 577 BCE was when the ideas that would shape the modern world were born. Those ideas continued to develop and really took off with the shift into Gemini during the Renaissance. Unfortunately, many of the ideas have been misused or distorted. For example, the use of religion to impose power and control over the people, and the use of the rational mind and mathematics to reduce everything down to materialistic bean-counting.

Don’t enter the Matrix…

The coming transits offer us an opportunity to correct our mistakes, or we could just dig ourselves deeper into the problems we’ve already created. At best, the alignments of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto suggest a period of progress in humanitarianism and creativity that could provide many solutions. But this depends on whether we can flush the corruption from the collapsing system. If we can’t, it’ll be an easy ride for the digital gulag currently taking shape around us.

The key moment happens in the middle of the decade when the outer planets shift signs at the same time as the Saturn Neptune conjunction. Saturn Neptune alignments often coincide with periods of disillusionment with the system and/or its collapse. The last conjunction was in 1989 followed by the Uranus Neptune conjunction in 1993, both in Capricorn. This period saw the collapse and restructuring of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The conjunction in 2025-26 marks the end of the cycle that started in 1989, so it looks like the West is now going through its own version of this restructuring process – its own cultural revolution.

This time the conjunction happens in Aries, right on the Aries point at the start of the zodiac. This is a big deal. Not only that, but it also marks the apex of the arrangement between the outer planets – with Uranus trine Pluto and Neptune sextile both from the middle. Saturn joins Neptune as they both change signs so he’ll also sextile Uranus and Pluto.

This incredibly significant moment also happens to fall on the IC of the US chart. The last time Neptune went into Aries coincided with the start of the American Civil War. America also tends to go to war when Uranus is in Gemini, so things could get decidedly testy.

We’re looking at the end of Western dominance of the world and the collapse of the old materialist paradigm. It’s a shift away from hierarchical domination and empire building into something more decentralised, networked and humane. Obviously, those who benefit from the dying system – the corporations and plutocrats – aren’t going down without a fight, and that’s where the danger lies.

There could be a long struggle with the ‘powers that be’ as they try to hang on to power even as the system crumbles around them. They’re stupid enough to trigger another world war if they don’t get their way – big babies that they are. 😉

Key dates to watch would be:

If the corrupt powers are still hanging on by that point (jeez, will you just let go already!) then beyond 2032 we have the peak of two major cycles which will overturn anything still left standing:

  • Saturn opposite Pluto – 2034-35
  • Uranus opposite Pluto – 2046-48

By then, the entire power structure of the world will have been transformed and the West will have to learn to play nicely with the other babies – oops, I mean, nations!

By the end of the decade we could see the breakup of the United States of America, as well as the European Union and the United Kingdom. Obviously, the rest of the world will be going through their own transformations, especially China. Whether any fighting remains localised or spreads into some horrific worldwide conflagration depends on the people keeping their heads.

Don’t believe the Lies…

A spiritual crisis is underway and it’s being played out on the cultural and societal level for those who can’t or won’t transform inwardly. It’s touch and go whether it even works and we may not make it out the other side. See Notes on Apocalypse: WTF is going on? for more.

The coming decade is crucial but the challenge will continue long into the rest of the century. We’re at the start of the process – nowhere near the end. Lots of mistakes will be made and will need to be corrected at later points in the cycles that are just getting started.

But change is inevitable. The system has rotten foundations and cannot stand against what’s coming. The ‘powers that be’ have dug the ground out from under their own feet and don’t appear to have noticed. Their power is based on nothing real – it’s all smoke and mirrors – a con trick. As soon as the people lose confidence in the system, it’s over.

That means the propaganda will continue to be off the scale, at least until Neptune shifts into Aries. But the dissolution of identities and the collapse of all previous systems will increase – in politics, science, medicine, religion, education, finance – everything.

The pressure of this transformation will create either a breakthrough or a breakdown – and possibly both. It’s a paradoxical situation where we could see greater illusion for some and the end of the illusion for others.

Those caught in the mass delusion of the 4th Industrial Revolution will be swept along on a wave of self-deception. Blissfully going along with the Big Green Con while believing they’re saving the world. Meanwhile, the planet will continue to be plundered and wrecked, and their lives will continue to shrink, trapped behind a screen.

Eventually reality will catch up with them and the fallout will be catastrophic, socially, psychologically, and possibly spiritually. Like Hercules, they’ll go mad and tear themselves to pieces – see: Corona Initiation – a clue to our fate. In the end, you can’t data crunch mass psychosis. As Yeats said in The Second Coming – the centre cannot hold!

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity. …

Without a spiritual perspective, a sense of the transcendent that underpins reality, we’re lost. The universe is conscious and what we do and how we think changes how these cycles play out. That’s good news because it means we have a choice.

Any potential breakthrough will come from those who are able to break free of the illusions. There could be a spiritual renaissance but it might have to go underground, at least for a while. Genuine changes towards a more humanitarian way of living may start in the shadows, hidden from prying surveillance, but it should break cover as the collapse metastasises.

At best, this decade provides the potential for a spiritual awakening that involves the rejection of materialist scientism, a much needed re-enchantment of the world and an opening to a wider perspective on reality. But don’t sit around waiting for it to fall into your lap – it doesn’t work like that.

If we want an awakening that actually changes the world, we have to embody it and make it real – the positive manifestation of Saturn Neptune. We need to radically transform our consciousness and how we live together on this planet.

It’s time to be the change!

Next we’ll explore each of the major transits and cycles of the coming decade, starting with: Pluto in Aquarius

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12 thoughts on “Forthcoming Astrological Cycles and Transits: 2022 to 2032

  1. Seriously shocked and surprised to read this – never expected such insight via astrology- my thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The theme(s) pointed out here about signficant change and toppling of old structures, living “in the shadows” for a while, spiritual restoration… I am reminded of the recently released Netflix series “Sweet Tooth”. So much foreshadowing that ties to the transits at play for the next decade.

    Side Note: Richard Tarnas – Cosmos & Psyche – Yes! He was my professor when I was studying at CIIS in San Francisco. Wonderful person.

    Thank you.


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  3. Wow, Your articles are incredible, comprehensive and eye opening. I’m so glad I discovered your website. The way you break down transits and cycles are unmatched. As a matter of fact I didn’t understand cycles until I read some of your writings, I didn’t know that each cycle piggy back of the last aspect. You totally made me understand now. I’m a forever fan now.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The signs are based on Tropical astrology – which actually began after some of what you talk about – how about a sidereal consideration – which would be where the planets are in the actual locations of the constellations? What do the cosmos have to say rather than human contrived seasonal beliefs – and the fact that seasons are changing and some places don’t have much seasonal change at all. I love your work have read a coupe of your books. :0)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some interesting questions, Kim. I don’t do sidereal astrology so you’d have to ask somebody else about that.

      As to conjunctions (or whatever) happening before we knew that the planets were there – it just means it was operating unconsciously. In fact, for the majority it still does, mostly.

      The planets are never ‘in’ a particular constellation – they’re miles away and the constellations themselves aren’t even really a ‘thing’. It’s all just based on how it looks to us down here – our human perceptions. So it might be interesting to find out what the cosmos thinks about everything, however, I doubt we’d be capable of understanding it with our very small human minds!

      I’m not sure that the seasons could be described as contrived. The zodiac used in tropical astrology was derived in an area where the seasons played an important part in life. Other places had different kinds of astrology and zodiacs – and still do. So again, it’s about our perceptions and how our experiences interact with the cosmos.

      Tropical astrology might be of limited use to somebody living inside the arctic circle, for example, but they might have their own ways of communicating with the cosmos. Interesting to think about – thanks!


  5. Such a good read, thank you!! Most of the people are telling me it’s all over now, we are done, and going back to normal. Who wants to go back to 2019 anyway…
    Fasten your seat belts!

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  6. Best yet ! this line: “…… If we can’t, it’ll be an easy ride for the digital gulag currently taking shape around us… ” Yes- It really is quite menacing how such obvious corrupt non-science ( scientism?) and nonsensical propaganda has so easily and fully brain washed the larger part of the masses (?) (and shockingly for me in the midst of a large variety of ‘alternative types’ – 80% or more of those.. ) I saw that in the Ukraine they ‘ have the uk variant’ and are being terrorised by news that ‘ Brits are literally dying in the UK streets with covid’ It shows what nonsense all the news in every country is… The Big Green Con is exactly that – it has been revving it’s engine to come and attempt to trample us all for some time…. i used to like the idea of UBI… but even that will now be a tool to keep compliance…. Smart cities and removing the folks from the countryside another concern.. i think the biggest challenge is that even when the false story starts falling apart, millions will be unable to believe in any way that they have been thoroughly duped…? It is quite something to live amidst such impending cognitive dissonance. New Age wisdom suggests we keep focussed on the positive things and in no way give energy to the ‘Deep State’ / The baddies .. but as you say — we will need to act at various points to steer this in a better direction..? Current entertainments: Michael O Bernicea’s private prosecution of the ‘Four Riders of the Covid Apocalypse’ gaining momentum.. Likewise the German court cases impending…. and of course the Q stuff proclaiming that behind the scenes much manoeuvring is going on to jail the corrupt and replace Trump back as Glorious Leader… So many good things to come- i particularly look forward to German New Medicine ( maybe) and terrain theory becoming our health method?! Above all it does feel like non-Truth will not be able to survive… that we have this time to grow ourselves up and become the Sovereign beings we need to be and that our entire existence has been dominated by fear and we need to demolish that with Love…. All fun on Planet Earth. Who knows- the Aliens may yet turn up. Great blog- thanks X

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