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Saturn in Aquarius: Social Reform and Identity Politics

Saturn transits Aquarius from 2020 to 2023 and people are already getting wild with excitement. Hopes are being raised and visionary ideas are being shared – a new mini age of Aquarius has arrived! Unfortunately, most of this is hot air and fantasy and the reality may be quite different. Whatever happens, it’s going to… Continue reading Saturn in Aquarius: Social Reform and Identity Politics

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Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Aquarius

The practical sea goat is washed away by the water carrier. As a fixed air sign, Aquarius shares the gifts attained by climbing the mountain in Capricorn, and reforms society for the benefit of all. Through mastery of the mind, it awakens to the reality of humanity’s true nature. Aquarius is a masculine sign and… Continue reading Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Aquarius


Part of Fortune in Aquarius

The Part of Fortune in the signs shows how you can find joy by allowing the energy of the sign to flow freely. With the Part of Fortune in Aquarius you achieve happiness and success through freedom and detachment from constraints. You are idealistic, unbiased and fair-minded, with a future-oriented approach to life. You’re interested… Continue reading Part of Fortune in Aquarius


Traditional Correspondences: Aquarius

The zodiac sign of Aquarius (21 January – 18 February) is symbolised by the Water bearer. The glyph represents two serpents (one is ego, the other is the soul) which shows the individuation process of the sign. Aquarius Basics Ruler: Saturn & Uranus Exultation: None Natural House: 11th house Fall: Neptune Quality: Fixed Detriment: Sun… Continue reading Traditional Correspondences: Aquarius