How to make your New Year Resolutions Stick

Congratulations on surviving the holidays! Now it’s time to kid yourself that you’ll make spectacular changes to your life for the New Year. Lose weight! Get fit! Learn Chinese! Write a novel! Yeah, right… In this post we’ll have a look at where we go wrong and how we can choose resolutions that’ll stick. It’s… Continue reading How to make your New Year Resolutions Stick

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The Creative Process: Sharing your masterpiece

If the creative process has gone well, you should now be ready to share your work in the final stage: SHOWING. The moment of truth! As you work, writing and rewriting, there’s a constant internal pressure to share what you’re doing with others. Especially these days, now that our lives are enhanced/blighted (delete as appropriate)… Continue reading The Creative Process: Sharing your masterpiece

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How to Deal with Rejection

Writers hate rejection. So does everybody else, but writers and other creative souls will experience more than their share of the dreaded scourge. There aren’t many other occupations that have to deal with such high levels of criticism and sheer indifference. There are many ways to deal with rejection. Getting drunk and gorging yourself on… Continue reading How to Deal with Rejection