Interspecies Love

Robert Wyatt entertains a friend

This is one of my favourite photographs. I love the way the horse looks totally blissed out by the music. It reminds me of our old family dog, a Jack Russell called Fudge. He was a music fan too. Everyday, when I practised the piano or the flute, Fudge would come in, throw himself down by the fire and listen. Occasionally, he would join in.

He especially enjoyed the saxophone. As I opened the case and prepared the reed in the mouthpiece, Fudge would quake in anticipation, shivers of joy running through his body. And then I would play and he would sing. Our duets were legendary. He would howl along with the high notes and growl with the low notes.

It was a wonder I could keep a straight face and keep playing. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought 😉

Do you have an animal friend in your life? How do you share the joy?

2 thoughts on “Interspecies Love

  1. Great pic. In my experience you have to quite good on the sax before it stops sounding like a dog.


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