Being Creative in a Mad World: Loving

Love is a condition of relatedness. True love is a recognition of the fundamental unity of all life. To be alive means to be in relationship – to yourself, to other people, to the earth, animals, plants, water, the sky…

Even though unity is the inherent nature of life and love is our natural condition, we must act on it in order to realise it.

Love is a verb.


Love and relationship are actions. If you want to connect to a person or your creativity, you must act on that desire to make the connection real.

A refusal or inability to connect leads to isolation. It is a rejection and denial of love and life, and a manifestation of hatred. Love withheld is hatred in action.

Hatred builds walls. Love tears them down.

So if you want to be creative you must connect with ideas and inspiration, with life and other people. You must love your characters, love colours, love the smell of crayons, love the ingredients of the feast you’re cooking, love your garden…

Allow your love to burn through every obstacle that would prevent you from creating or living.

What inspires you to love? Connect with this blog by posting your thoughts below…  Next time: Dreaming

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