The Story Behind Chiron

The Chiron archetype represents how we are wounded by life and how we can heal others thanks to our greater insight gained through the wounding. It shows how we can become heroic as we struggle with our pain, undergoing an initiation which takes us further into self-knowledge, ultimately healing the split between spirit and matter. Chiron isn’t technically a planet; it’s a planetoid and the symbol is a K above the circle of spirit.

ChironKeywords for Chiron:
  • Wounded Healer
  • Sacrifice
  • Pilgrimage
  • Healing
  • Holistic thinking
  • Revitalisation

Chiron Myths

Chiron teaches Achilles
Chiron teaches Achilles

In Greek mythology we have Chiron who is King of the Centaurs. Chiron is half human, half horse, and is a sage and healer, teaching the wisdom of nature and the healing arts. He is accidentally wounded in the animal part of himself, by an arrow dipped in the poisoned blood of the Hydra. He tries to heal himself using all his wisdom, but it does no good, and because he is immortal he can’t die. Chiron retires to his cave in agony until Prometheus offers his own death in exchange, so Chiron can find peace in the underworld.

Chiron Myths on Film

The Fisher King tells the story of homeless history professor Parry, played by Robin Williams, who lives in a fantasy world full of castles, knights and damsels in distress. Jack, played by Jeff Bridges, is New York’s top shock DJ, but his arrogance leads to tragedy and he finds himself ruined and penniless. One day, he meets Parry who befriends him and sets out to save Jack’s soul.

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The Fisher King Columbia Pictures Corporation © 1991

The Way tells the story of ophthalmologist Thomas Avery, played by Martin Sheen, who travels to France following the death of his son, killed in a storm while walking the Camino de Santiago in the Pyrenees. In grief and as a tribute to his son, Thomas decides to complete the trail, meeting other pilgrims along the way.

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