Jupiter Transits to the Ascendant

When Jupiter transits the Ascendant the desire for growth and expansion influences how you project yourself towards others and get things started. Jupiter represents the aspiration to improve and broaden your horizons through new experiences, opening doors to new ideas and possibilities.

When Jupiter transits the Ascendant it increases your physical energy and vitality, and expands the qualities of the rising sign, as well as activating any aspects you may have to the Ascendant. You’ll be able to project your personality into the world with more confidence and positivity if your Ascendant is well-aspected. If it isn’t, you have an opportunity to learn how to relate more effectively.

These transits bring a strong focus on future goals and plans for self-improvement. You will encounter many opportunities to expand your life through new learning, relationships, and increased religious or spiritual understanding.

The conjunction begins a new twelve year cycle of personal growth and self-expression. Anything you start now could grow to become larger and more influential than you think it will, so pay close attention to any visions that appear in your mind, or intuitions you have about possibilities to pursue. These could prove to be reliable clues to future developments further down the cycle.

With the trine and sextile to your Ascendant, you’ll find that your energy flows more smoothly and you should be able to make the best of these times for expansion. The square to the Ascendant could feel frustrating because whenever you try to do something it could become blocked. This could lead you to go too far in expressing yourself in order to compensate, and so you could end up projecting the worse qualities of your Ascendant as a result.

But in general, these transits tend to signal good health, optimism and a positive attitude which contribute to your ability to build relationships where everybody benefits. You can meet many new people at this time, and friendships or relationships begun now will tend to be good for you, and others.

When Jupiter transits opposite the Ascendant you’ll want to experience more freedom within your close relationships. This could go one of three ways: if your relationship is basically sound and flexible, you should be able to find the freedom you need without too much difficulty. However, if your relationship is on shaky ground, you will either find a way to heal the problems and improve the relationship, or you’ll end the partnership and go your separate ways because your desire for freedom now is so strong.

With all these transits your view of the world will expand and you may want to explore more of it through travel or study. You could also achieve some personal success, but whatever happens, it will be a reflection of your increased inner growth, deepening maturity and wisdom. You can expand your consciousness through your relationships, and you may want to teach and share what you’ve learned with others. You might have a deep spiritual encounter that totally changes your outlook on life, and your perspective could become more idealistic.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting the Ascendant:
  • Improved health
  • Optimistic and positive outlook
  • Meeting new friends
  • A lucky break through a friend or relationship
  • Forming a new business partnership
Watch out for:
  • Overindulgence in food or drink leading to weight gain
  • Arrogance
  • Taking more than you give
  • Overlooking details leading to problems later

The openness and willingness to help others that comes with these transits, is what brings the benefits. When you approach life with an open, generous spirit, others tend to respond in kind. This is always true, but these transits allow you to see exactly how it works and put it into practise with positive results.

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  • Exploring Jupiter – Stephen Arroyo
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
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