Saturn Transits: 4th House

When Saturn transits the Fourth House the need for security and achievement influences your home, family and roots. You’re moving away from dealing with the inner processes of thought and self-knowledge, and towards your domestic world and feelings.

When Saturn enters the 4th house it brings up issues around basic security and survival, and your need for belonging and putting down roots. It encourages you to take your position in the community more seriously and build a more stable home environment. How this plays out depends on your age and circumstances.

You might decide to move house or make changes to your living conditions. Where you live might not feel like home anymore – perhaps it’s too small, or you want to live in a different neighbourhood. Other possibilities include buying or inheriting land, building your own home or renovating, the death or loss of a parent, and the birth of a child. You may become more aware of your obligations to your family, or perhaps need to define your boundaries more clearly as an individual.

Whatever happens, how you feel about it is important because the outer event reflects inner changes. You’re returning home to yourself so you can establish a firm foundation from which to continue growing. It’s an opportunity to explore your security needs and to find out exactly where true security is found – within. You may feel like withdrawing from the world to contemplate the issues and feelings that come up now.

You may become more interested in your family’s roots and past, and psychological or physical problems that you’ve inherited may come up now and demand to be understood and dealt with. Saturn encourages you to come to terms with the family fate and to reconcile yourself to its legacy. This could be a positive legacy, as well as a more challenging one. You can discover how your life has become what it is, and how you have become who you are in relation to your roots.

Everyone is born into a particular family pattern and you’re embedded in it, even if you’ve moved far away from your family home. Saturn helps you to differentiate yourself from your parents so you can become fully individual and be true to yourself. The danger is that you become stuck in old family patterns instead of liberating yourself from them. This isn’t just about your actual parents, but also the inner parents – the mother and father you’ve internalised in the process of growing up.

This transit encourages you to work out who you’re going to be in relation to your family. You can discover how much of their legacy you want to make your own, and then find a way to embody it in your own way. You might unearth family secrets or repressed emotions from experiences that have shaped you and controlled your life from the unconscious. If so, there may be a struggle as you free yourself from these emotional patterns in order to grow into the individual you want to become.

Of course, how much you can free yourself depends on the age you are when this transit happens. If you’re young, it will mark a time of the family fate acting upon you, the legacy of which you’ll deal with the next time Saturn passes this way, about 28 years later.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting the 4th:
  • Tracing the family tree
  • Old memories resurfacing
  • Redecorating or renovating your home
  • Moving home
  • Undergoing psychotherapy
Watch out for:
  • Death of a parent
  • Haunted by the past
  • Getting trapped in co-dependency
  • Home a burden, perhaps unable to sell

Ultimately, this transit is about building a more secure foundation of inner security from which you can launch yourself out into the world. You have the opportunity to discover what nourishes your soul and makes you feel safe, and gives you a sense of belonging.

It’s also about laying the foundations for long-term ambitions in your career because this is the lowest position in the chart and from this point on, Saturn begins to move upward. Any inner problems that you don’t deal with now will cause difficulties for you in about 14 years when Saturn crosses your Midheaven. So now is the time to build a solid base of operations.


  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
  • Astrology, Karma, & Transformation – Stephen Arroyo
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6 thoughts on “Saturn Transits: 4th House

  1. Really resognates. My mother became ill some months ago she has recovered beautifully thank God. Im currently in the market for a home i have the need to set down roots.

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  2. Saturn joined pluto in transiting my 4th house in October 2017. I got pregnant with my first child a month later. I really want to move, I feel l like my current place is not where I want to be any longer, nor raise my child. I’m actually thinking about moving states. I also feel a strong need to establish a foundation for myself and future family, something I didn’t really deal with before now. I am going back to school and figuring out the path for my career.

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  3. Hi Jessica. I just discovered your writing recently. Although I have been studying astrology for more than half my life, only in depth for the past 10 years or so. There is still much to learn. However, I really appreciate that you have taken the time to write out each transit/aspect. I looked for this as I am a Libra (10.18.84, 6:20a, EDT) and Saturn is about to transit my 4th house. I have a love/hate relationship w Saturn and feel the need to brace for him.
    I also shared your Saturn in the 10th house with my partner and I could already tell how dead-on accurate hers was as well.
    I look forward to reading more of your work and learning more about each transit.

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