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The Astrology of 2021

Congratulations! We’ve made it to the end of 2020. 🎉 Three new cycles have begun and we’re now deep into the transition between eras. Life will continue to be chaotic and unpredictable as we deal with the consequences and fallout of the events of 2020, and the coming year will bring surprises and disruption to everyone. Here are the main events for 2021:

Note: the dates listed in this post may be slightly different in your time zone. And as always, major transits and alignments will probably only be significant for you if they directly activate your horoscope.

The year starts with a massive sequence of transits in January as the Saturn Pluto conjunction fades out and the Saturn Uranus square builds. Mars finally leaves Aries and enters Taurus where he runs into Uranus. Meanwhile Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are joined by Mercury and the Sun, all forming squares to Mars and Uranus. Mercury also stations retrograde in Aquarius, and Uranus stations direct in Taurus.

This is an incredibly volatile period which will activate the issues and problems that got stirred up in 2020 when Saturn first entered Aquarius from March to early July. To make matters worse Neptune will also be squaring the Nodal axis creating perfect conditions for deception and misinformation, with rose-tinted expectations and/or fear-based propaganda muddying the picture.

There are many events this could impact around the world, the most obvious being the fallout of Brexit in the UK, the extradition hearing for Julian Assange, and the outcome of the presidential election in the US.

The US electoral college votes will be formally counted and approved by both houses of Congress on 6th January, the day Mars enters Taurus and starts to stir up trouble with Uranus. The new president will be inaugurated on 20th January, the day Mars conjuncts Uranus, along with the Moon. All three will also square the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, along with the Sun.

Whatever happens, it won’t be straightforward or normal and there could be considerable disruption. This configuration is explosive and likely to coincide with extreme events, sudden violence, conflict and social unrest. Expect the unexpected.

The Saturn Uranus square gets re-triggered throughout the year as Mars continues to travel around the zodiac. The hot spots are on 4 July and 17 November, and continue into 2022. In fact, anytime any planet passes through a fixed sign it will hit the Saturn Uranus square so this is something to keep in mind as the year unfolds.

Anyone with a lot of planets or emphasis on fixed signs will be strongly affected by all this disruptive energy, especially Aquarius and Taurus, but also Leo and Scorpio. It’ll be electrifying and you may feel restless and rebellious. Don’t go looking for fights – you’ll easily find one. It would be better to flow with the changes and look for things that need reform within yourself.

Here’s a rundown of the key dates for your diary:

  • Mercury conjunct Pluto – 5 January
  • Mars enters Taurus – 6 January
  • Mercury enters Aquarius – 8 January
  • Mercury square Mars – 9 January
  • Mercury conjunct Saturn – 10 January
  • Mercury conjunct Jupiter – 11 January
  • Mercury square Uranus – 12 January
  • Mars square Saturn – 13 January
  • Uranus stations Direct – 14 January
  • Sun conjunct Pluto – 14 January
  • Jupiter square Uranus – 17 January
  • Sun enters Aquarius – 19 January
  • Mars conjunct Uranus – 20 January
  • Mars square Jupiter – 23 January
  • Sun conjunct Saturn – 24 January
  • Sun square Uranus – 26 January
  • Sun conjunct Jupiter – 29 January
  • Mercury stations Retrograde – 30 January
  • Sun square Mars – 1 February

Mercury retrograde will move over the same territory again through February, and Venus also follows along behind, entering Aquarius on 1 February and then hitting all the same points: square Mars and Uranus, and conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury. This means there are 5 planets in Aquarius in a massive pile up from 1st to 18th February: the Sun, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. On 11th February the Moon briefly joins the fun.

All this attention on Aquarius means some people are getting overexcited and declaring the arrival of the Age of Aquarius! Sorry to burst that bubble, but it’s not. It’s just an Aquarian episode or phase. The so-called Age of Aquarius is something else entirely – more on that later.

This exciting period of change comes to a head on 17th February when the Saturn Uranus square becomes exact (perfects) for the first time. However it remains within a degree of orb for the whole of February and into early March. Meanwhile, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius remains in orb through the first couple of months of the year, although Jupiter begins to pull ahead in April. More here: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction – the start of a New Age?

Saturn Uranus Square

This is the major transit of 2021 and is the final square in the cycle that began in 1988. It runs from 2020 to 2023 and this year forms three exact aspects. The planets are close again in October 2022 but don’t form an exact alignment. Here are the dates for your diary:

  • 17 February 2021
  • 15 June 2021
  • 24 December 2021

Alignments between Saturn and Uranus represent periods of radical change and disruption to the status quo. It’s a good time to break out of old habits that have become too restrictive and make creative changes to the structures of your life. These periods coincide with a crisis in consciousness that can lead to awakenings, breakthroughs and/or breakdowns. Common manifestations during these alignments include:

  • Sudden financial and economic collapse
  • Revolutions, protests, and civil unrest
  • Terrorism and radicalisation
  • Industrial accidents, and incidents involving aircraft
  • Technological breakthroughs and/or disruption
  • Political and social breakthroughs to a new order
  • Gaining and/or loss of rights and freedom

Whatever happens it’s likely to be unpredictable and potentially volatile with massive civil unrest and uprisings against structures that seek too much control. One of the things to watch for is disproportionate reactions to events, either in yourself or others – there’s been plenty of that already through 2020.

More here: Saturn Uranus Cycle: Archetypes and History, and Saturn Uranus Square: freedom or slavery – time to choose

Jupiter Uranus Square

There’s only one exact alignment between Jupiter and Uranus on 17 January but it happens in amongst the pile up in Taurus and Aquarius. This is the waning square of the cycle that started in 2010 and peaked with the opposition in 2016-17. The cycle will end in 2024 with a conjunction in Taurus.

Alignments between Jupiter and Uranus represent periods of progressive change and the expansion of consciousness. There are often many breakthroughs and discoveries in science and technology, as well as creative and social awakenings, revolutions, political rebellions, and new beginnings.

This transit boosts and magnifies the Saturn Uranus square, for good or ill, bringing the potential for radical changes and a strong desire for freedom. There may be great optimism and hope for the future, along with the belief that we can remake the world to utopian ideals.

But there could also be disruptive change that doesn’t really improve things, an over-reliance on technology to solve all our problems, and the belief that we can’t fail leading to catastrophic overreach.

More here: Jupiter Uranus Cycle: Archetypes and History, plus Jupiter Uranus Opposition: Political Revolution and a Robot Uprising, and Jupiter Uranus Cycle: Recent History Syncs

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn entered Aquarius on 17 December 2020 and stays there until 7 March 2023. He’s at home in his own sign giving a boost to all things Aquarian: science and technology, humanitarian ideals and social reform. The next few years represent an opportunity to radically change the structures and rules of society to create a better world for everyone. Saturn in Aquarius can turn ideals into reality and give form to humanitarian goals.

The increasing inequality and unfair political systems around the world could trigger a rise in civil unrest and revolution. We could see the reform of social institutions and the economy via innovations in technology and radical new ideas. With the square to Uranus, it’s likely to be disruptive and chaotic, preparing the way for Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023-24.

Check the house position of Aquarius in your chart to get a sense of the issues you’ll be dealing with for the next two years. More here: Saturn in Aquarius: Social Reform and Identity Politics

Jupiter in Aquarius

Saturn is joined in Aquarius by Jupiter which entered the sign on 19 December 2020 and leaves on 29 December 2021. Jupiter also briefly dips into Pisces between May and July (see below). This transit will assist Saturn in his search for new ways to organise society in a way that works for everyone.

Jupiter expands the desire for human rights, equality, freedom and fairness, and highlights the need to find a balance between community and individuality. It’s a good time to improve your social skills and work with others to serve a higher cause or society at large. You can tap into your unique perspective to inspire progressive reform and create a more optimistic future for all.

Jupiter’s influence may help to purge some of the corruption from the system, particularly within science and the tech industry. There may be breakthroughs in science and technology, and a continuation of the trend for more online education. New visionary ideas could expand our view of what’s possible, but we could also get lost in utopian ideals that will never work in reality.

Check the house position of Aquarius for the area you need to reform, and discover the deeper meaning of Aquarius here: Zodiac Myths: The Story Behind Aquarius

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter transits Pisces in 2022 but dips his toe in for a quick visit this year between 13 May and 28 July giving us a glimpse into the future. He re-enters Pisces on 29 December 2021.

Jupiter expands the imagination and feelings of compassion, joy, faith and hope. It’s a good time for healing, dream work and spiritual practice, as well as creativity and the making of music and art of all kinds. You may experience increased sensitivity, psychic insights and intuition, and a desire to serve others in some way.

This all sounds wonderful, but the dark side of this transit includes a tendency to be overwhelmed by the emotions and deceived by illusions. You may feel moody and oversensitive, drowning in the unconscious rather than swimming in it like a mystic. It increases the desire for escapism and the use of alcohol and drugs. But since Pisces is Jupiter’s own sign, it should manifest more of the positive qualities, unless it transits a tricky spot in your chart.

Check the house position of Pisces for the area you need to re-enchant.

Moon Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius

The north node entered Gemini in May 2020 and will leave on 18 January 2022. This means the eclipses are in mutable signs adding to the changeable and dynamic feel of the year.

With the north node in Gemini the focus is on your mind and communication and how you use information. It’s a good time for learning and business but there may be a loss of deeper meaning and a tendency to get distracted or overwhelmed with data. The south node in Sagittarius brings up the need to balance rationality with faith, and to find a way to communicate your spiritual beliefs in daily life.

The restrictions on travel and education are likely to continue, as is the explosion of information overload, contact tracing (surveillance), and online connectedness. There’s a need for less blind faith and more reliance on facts, but the value and accuracy of that information needs to be questioned – as always.

The remaining eclipses in this cycle are:

  • Total lunar eclipse on 26 May at 5 Sagittarius
  • Annular solar eclipse on 10 June at 19 Gemini
  • Partial lunar eclipse on 19 November at 27 Taurus
  • Total solar eclipse on 4 December at 12 Sagittarius

As you can see, the eclipses begin to move into the Taurus/Scorpio axis towards the end of the year. Check your chart to see if any of these eclipses activate important points in your horoscope. You may find the house axis is more relevant to your experience than the signs.

Retrogrades in 2021

This year Venus retrogrades in Capricorn as she did 8 years ago in 2013–14, so check what you were doing then because it may reflect themes that come up again this year. Venus turns retrograde in December, but you’ll feel it for about a month before and after, so the whole thing will run from November 2021 to March 2022. Venus is also conjunct Pluto when she stations retrograde.

Here are the dates:

  • 18 November: enters retrograde zone at 11 Capricorn
  • 19 December: turns retrograde at 26 Capricorn
  • 9 January 2022: inferior conjunction with Sun at 18 Capricorn
  • 29 January 2022: turns direct at 11 Capricorn
  • 2 March 2022: leaves retrograde zone at 26 Capricorn

This is an opportunity to evaluate your relationships, business partnerships, finances, creative projects, and feelings of inner value and self-worth. Don’t take anything for granted because your feelings may change once Venus moves direct. So it’s unwise to invest or spend large sums of money on anything now, or get married or start a new relationship.

Check your chart to see which area needs re-evaluating. For more read: A Guide to Stealing Fire During Venus Retrograde

This year Mercury retrogrades in air signs. These periods are a good time to rethink your relationships and how you communicate, and how your thinking influences the quality of your connection to others. The retrogrades fall in January/February, May/June, and September/October. Here are the specifics:

  • 15 January: enters retrograde zone at 11 Aquarius
  • 30 January: stations retrograde at 26 Aquarius
  • 8 February: inferior conjunction with Sun at 20 Aquarius
  • 21 February: stations direct at 11 Aquarius
  • 13 March: leaves retrograde zone at 26 Aquarius


  • 15 May: enters retrograde zone at 16 Gemini
  • 29 May: stations retrograde at 24 Gemini
  • 11 June: inferior conjunction with Sun at 20 Gemini
  • 22 June: stations direct at 16 Gemini
  • 7 July: leaves retrograde zone at 24 Gemini


  • 7 September: enters retrograde zone at 10 Libra
  • 27 September: stations retrograde at 25 Libra
  • 9 October: inferior conjunction with Sun at 16 Libra
  • 18 October: stations direct at 10 Libra
  • 3 November: leaves retrograde zone at 25 Libra

Check your chart to see which areas could get disrupted. For more read: A Guide to Stealing Fire During Mercury Retrograde

Good luck for the year ahead – and keep your powder dry! 😎

For a more in-depth Overview of the Year Ahead, check out the Astrology Podcast, if you haven’t already.


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