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Astro Journal 2022 is available Now!

Astro Journal 2022 is now available in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon! 🎉 I had planned the launch for the end of this week but my plans are in shreds because Uranus is in charge, apparently. Well, it is sort of his book since he features so prominently all through next year.

My proof copy with annoying ‘not for resale’ message. Yours won’t look like this!

As I said last week, Amazon continues to be far too efficient. I hit publish on the Kindle on Sunday at about 10.30 am, expecting it to take at least a day for the book to go live. That’s what usually happens, even though Amazon says it takes up to 72 hours. Ha! The book went live just before noon! So now I’m running to catch up.

I had given myself time to wait for the Kindle to link to the paperback, and for the ‘look inside’ feature to show up – things that normally take days. But I needn’t have worried – they appear to be linked in most stores and you can look inside on the Kindle. The paperback look inside may or may not be available by the time this post goes up, but you can take a peek at the Kindle instead if you want.

Having said that, the text is slightly different in the introduction to the book because the Kindle version doesn’t include space for you to write in – obviously! Here are some blurry photos of the paperback to give you a vague idea of what’s inside:

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And here’s the obligatory blurb:

Astro Journal 2022 is a practical workbook for astrologers to help you plan and explore your life. It provides astrological guidance for the year ahead and space for you to record your experiences along the way (only in paperback). Using this journal you can track your growth and spiritual awakening using astrology and learn to ride the waves of change. It includes sections on how to plan using astrology, interpretations of all major transits, lunations, eclipses, and retrogrades, plus keywords for planets, signs, and houses, and online resources.

The Astro Journal uses the tropical zodiac and the dates are for GMT/UT in the northern hemisphere. The astrological interpretations are based on psychological and spiritual astrology with an emphasis on archetypes and keywords. For the digital version, you will need your own journal in which to make notes and explore your transits.

If that sounds like something you want/need, you can get your copy here:

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If you don’t like Amazon and want a digital copy and would like to actually own the books you buy rather than rent them, you can buy Astro Journal 2022 from my Payhip store. In exchange for an embarrassingly small sum, you’ll get an EPUB and a PDF. The EPUB can be read on any generic e-reader, plus Apple Books, Kobo, and Nook, and the PDF should be readable on anything.

As with the Kindle, you will need your own notebook in which to write and keep track of your transits. Or you can download the free Astro Journal Planner, a printable PDF that replicates the interior of the paperback journal sections for you to write on. The planner is also available from my Payhip store so remember to add it to your cart when you buy Astro Journal 2022!

When you visit my Payhip store, please read the refund policy and terms before you buy anything. Basically, I don’t offer refunds for a variety of reasons, mainly due to the nature of digital products. You can also find answers to any questions you might have in the FAQ. And please remember to download your files once you’ve purchased them! Any problems, get in touch and I can help. 😊

The astrology of 2022 is unpredictable but transformative and none of us will be able to avoid change. Using this journal, you can explore the energies of the time, deepen your self-knowledge and experience of life, and even learn more about astrology. As it says in the introduction:

“To understand how astrology works we need to recognise the fractal nature of reality and the Hermetic dictum: As above, so below. Everything that happens is contained within the consciousness that underpins reality and guides it according to certain laws. That consciousness emanates from a mysterious source that some call God, or the Divine, Great Spirit, Buddha Nature, the Tao, and so on.

“The Supreme Identity expresses itself through an infinite variety of mini selves who run around believing themselves to be separate, not only from each other, but from the divine. However, we are all expressions of the one true Self – the Big Mind who is busy dreaming up reality for us to enjoy.

“Astrology is one way to learn about the Big Mind behind the universe, and to come into alignment with it. Your job is to embody your birth chart as best you can – the moment imprinted on your soul at birth.

“Coming into harmony and balance with the universe doesn’t mean aiming for perfection or an ideal state. Life is changeable and impermanent and is always becoming something else – growing and decaying, rising and falling. Being in harmony with Life means flowing with the changes. You don’t have to be all things – just fulfil your little fractal.

“Ultimately, the goal is to gain self-mastery through spiritual practice in order to transcend and release the karma of your birth chart. Astrology is just the weather. You are more than that. Your true Self transcends your chart.

“The transits to your chart can help you to come back into alignment with your deeper Self if you work with them. They can break you out of limiting perspectives and perceptions of reality and lead you back towards the wholeness reflected in the heavens.”

I hope you find Astro Journal 2022 helpful during the coming year. Get your copy from Amazon or Payhip and remember to leave a review! ✨


6 thoughts on “Astro Journal 2022 is available Now!

  1. Hi Jessica,

    In search of an astro journal for 2022 (in local time), as if by magic my virtual flying rug has landed me here!

    Hooray …. I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your posts and wondered if it would be ok to share your website on my little Mighty Network?

    Next stop – your astro journal purchase.

    ☆Kind wishes for 2022☆

    Liked by 1 person


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