Jupiter Transits to Mercury

jupiter-mercuryWhen Jupiter transits natal Mercury the desire for growth and expansion influences the way you think and express your ideas. Jupiter represents the aspiration to grow and improve your life by having new experiences and making plans for the future.

When Jupiter transits Mercury it expands your mind. You may feel curious about new aspects of life and want to study new subjects or read more widely. You might be drawn to Jupiterian subjects such as philosophy and religion, or you might want to find out more about other cultures and traditions.

Your mind will be full of plans and ideas for the future. You’ll feel more optimistic and your thinking will become more inclusive, comprehensive and open. You’ll think inspired and ennobled thoughts, and have a stronger desire to express those thoughts to a wider audience. At this time you’ll want to improve yourself by expanding your horizons, either by exploring the world through travel or by expanding your mind. You might learn new skills and make many new social connections from all over the world.

Jupiter will expand whatever it touches, so if your Mercury is well-aspected you shouldn’t have any difficulties with these transits. Your mind and speech may run a little faster (but not as fast as with Uranus) and you’ll feel inspired by all the new things you learn. You may find yourself making grand plans for the future and now is a good time to think big. But if your natal Mercury receives hard aspects you might find that you blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time or cause misunderstandings by not thinking things through. Any communication problems you usually have could be emphasised by Jupiter and blown out of proportion.

Aside from this, the main problem with Jupiter transiting Mercury is a tendency to overlook details or make plans that go beyond what you can manage. The hard aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) could bring many opportunities but you could easily get carried away with your vision of the future and so miss something important that will cause problems later. If you find your mind is racing, try to slow down and think things through. Check with someone else to make sure you’re not being unrealistic in what you’re planning. If you can keep your feet on the ground this is an excellent time to expand a business, take up a new area of study, or make plans for the future.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting Mercury:
  • Optimistic and positive thinking
  • Clearer communication and expression of ideas
  • Expansion of writing interests
  • Opportunities to connect with many people
  • Signing business contracts
  • Planning a new project
  • Opportunities to buy or sell items
Watch out for:
  • Impulsive speech or thought patterns
  • Grandiose and impractical plans
  • Slopping thinking and overlooking details
  • Self-righteousness and arrogance
  • Lack of tact
  • Confusion and misunderstandings

These transits bring increased communication and expanded consciousness. Take the opportunity to examine your ideas and plans to see if they hold up against reality. With your expanded vision of the future you’ll easily see ways to improve and make the necessary changes. If you remember to listen to others, as well as spreading your own ideas, this can be a time when you can connect with people and make a real difference to the future.


  • Exploring Jupiter – Stephen Arroyo
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
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