Jupiter Transits to the Sun

Jupiter SunWhen Jupiter transits the natal Sun the desire for growth and expansion influences your sense of self and how you express yourself. Jupiter reflects an urge to expand into new areas of experience, which often requires a leap of faith. It’s a time to dream big and move beyond your limitations with optimism and confidence. Jupiter transits boost confidence, energise, and bring a sense of freedom and openness to possibilities.

When Jupiter transits the Sun it increases your physical vitality and expands your creative energy. You’ll feel more confident and may have prophetic dreams and intuitive hunches. You may travel more than usual in order to expand your horizons, or have more religious experiences. These transits represent times when it’s a good idea to have faith in any creative inspirations you receive because your potential is amplified now. You have more confidence than normal which makes it easier to act on these impulses and make the most of them.

Jupiter emphasises the qualities of your Sun sign and activities associated with its house placement and any other planetary aspects to the Sun.

The soft transits of Jupiter (sextile and trine) will tend towards positive expansiveness, but the hard transits (conjunction, square and opposition) could indicate a tendency to go too far. If you have difficult aspects to the natal Sun the positive influence of Jupiter may be harder to manifest because other conflicting problems could become emphasised, so remember to take the whole chart into account when interpreting these transits. You may get lucky under a Jupiter transit, but you might not!

The cycle begins when Jupiter transits conjunct your natal Sun. This is the start of a twelve year period of growth as Jupiter moves around your chart in relation to your Sun. It marks a time when it’s a good idea to set intentions and make goals that will move you forward towards greater personal fulfilment. If you’ve been feeling held back by limiting circumstances, this is a good time to break free and realise your full potential. Your intuition will be stronger and more reliable so you can start new projects and expand your life.

Because these transits feel so good, it’s tempting to sit back and enjoy yourself, but once the transit has passed you might not have anything to show for it. Try to recognise what a great opportunity this time represents and take advantage of it in a practical way. But be careful that your optimism doesn’t push you to expand too far. If you overdo it now, you could find yourself in a pickle when the transit has passed. Don’t gamble with what you can’t afford to lose and try to think things through before you leap into a tempting opportunity.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting the Sun:
  • Improved health and well-being
  • New opportunities to expand personally or professionally
  • Increased confidence and creativity
  • Study of subjects that expand your horizons
  • Travel to far-off lands
  • Expanding social contacts
  • Assistance from people in authority
  • Exciting new relationships
  • Expansion of consciousness and religious experiences
  • Visions of future potentials
Watch out for:
  • Overspending or losses through gambling
  • Overeating and putting on weight
  • Restlessness and frustration which leads to rash behaviour
  • Ego inflation and arrogance

Your dreams won’t necessarily fall into your lap, but whatever you start now could have profound consequences for your future. The rewards you receive may not come for some time, whether these are material rewards or something more interior and spiritual. If you exercise patience, you may discover potentials within yourself that could transform your life in years to come.


  • Exploring Jupiter – Stephen Arroyo
  • Astrodienst forecasts – Liz Greene
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
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