Jupiter Transits to Natal Jupiter

jupiter-jupiterWhen Jupiter transits natal Jupiter the desire for growth and expansion influences your plans for the future and your need for self-improvement and a deeper sense of meaning. Jupiter transits happen within a cycle of twelve years and the hard angles (conjunction, square and opposition) represent important developmental phases in your life. These happen about every three years, and the full cycle starts with the conjunction.

The start of this cycle represents a new beginning and releases lots of energy for self-improvement, growth and progress. This is the time to commit to a new vision of the future. This might involve drastic changes from the past, or just small adjustments to your current path depending on what you need in order to grow. Your attitudes and expectations of life will expand and be more optimistic, and you’ll have a greater sense of what life really means to you. You’ll be able to reorient your life based on this vision and your higher ideals.

You may have a renewed sense of faith in life, God, truth, or whatever you believe in. This enhanced faith will bring with it increased clarity over your sense of life direction which will help you to make the changes necessary. You will become wiser and develop a broader view of the world and what you’re capable of achieving. But you only get out what you put in. This transit marks a time when you can see how effective you are at manifesting your wishes.

The square happens about three years later and represents a testing time for anything started with the conjunction. Three years after that the opposition will bring things to a head and anything you began six years ago could be flourishing. With both these transits it’s important not to overestimate the resources you have or your ability to cope with the work you’ve taken on. If you overdo it you could become reckless or inflated with self-importance.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so if you have a basically sound grasp of what you’re doing and you’re grounded in reality, these transits will bring greater optimism and confidence and allow you to achieve more. But if you’re out of touch with reality and your self-belief has no substance to back it up, then you’re more likely to come unstuck. If you don’t follow the rules or you rub people up the wrong way with your ambition and will to succeed, then you may bring people out against you when the opposition transit hits.

The soft transits of Jupiter to itself (sextile and trine) represent times when your desire to get ahead and improve your life is in balance. Growth will come more easily and there should be plenty of opportunities to achieve your goals. It’s a good time to expand your knowledge and skills through education or training, or expand your horizons through travel.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting Jupiter:
  • Increased personal freedom and self-knowledge
  • Opportunities to expand your knowledge through education or travel
  • Expanding or starting a business
  • Increased consciousness
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased optimism for the future
Watch out for:
  • Over-expansion leading to problems later
  • Overspending leading to shortfalls later
  • Arrogance

These transits increase your optimism and faith in the future which make it easier to recognise opportunities when they appear. You’ll have the confidence to pursue things you wouldn’t normally try and you may feel restless for change. The way to get the best out of these transits is to ensure you have specific and realistic goals to aim for. Jupiter increases your intuition at these times and you can use this to identify possible openings.


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