Jupiter Transits to the Moon

Jupiter MoonWhen Jupiter transits the natal Moon the desire for growth and expansion influences your feelings and home life. Jupiter represents the aspiration to grow and improve, to make plans for the future and broaden your horizons.

When Jupiter transits the Moon it will influence all areas connected with your home and family, your feelings, sense of personal security and where you feel you belong. At these times you’ll feel more confident and have a greater sense of well-being. Your life may be flowing more smoothly than usual and you feel generous and well-disposed towards others. You want to express your nurturing instincts and take care of those around you. Your sensitivity will increase and you’ll become more intuitively attuned to atmosphere and undercurrents.

This is a good time to express your feelings and emotional impulses, and others will tend to respond positively because you’re feeling so good yourself. You want to feel comfortable, not just by improving your home and family life, but also by making peace with your own deeper instincts and body.

The hard aspects (square and opposition) may bring some inner tension because Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so if you’re already feeling a bit tense, it could get worse now. Part of you may want to preserve the status quo while another part wants to grow and perhaps have more excitement. Whatever happens you’ll be more aware of what you’re feeling and more willing to improve your life through changing those feelings if necessary.

When Jupiter transits the Moon it can affect your private home life or bring you into direct contact with the public. How you feel about this will be brought to the surface too. The soft aspects (sextile and trine) would make this prospect more enjoyable, but the hard aspects could bring some stress. Either way, you could find that you attain long-sought after goals now, or win prizes or honours. Life in general will give you a greater feeling of satisfaction now.

All of this depends on the natal aspects to your Moon. If it’s well-aspected you should feel emotionally secure and nurturing. But if your Moon receives some hard aspects, this could be a time when you become more aware of how your past has adversely affected your present situation and your relationships could become more difficult. Jupiter provides the possibility of healing past hurts, and if you need help from others you should receive it now.

You may also become more concerned with social and individual justice, but with the hard aspects your emotionalism could make it difficult to see a good solution to the problem. If you can maintain a more open and generous point of view you should be able to clear up any conflicts that occur now. Try not to get carried away with feeling self-righteous, whether on behalf of others or yourself. Take advantage of the positive side of this transit by helping those in need, including yourself.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting the Moon:
  • Feeling warm, generous and protective of others
  • Expansion through friends and family
  • Receiving help from women
  • Revisiting the past and feeling nostalgic
  • Being in the public eye or dealing with lots of people
  • Stronger interest in religious or spiritual thought
Watch out for:
  • Mood swings and discontent causing relationship problems
  • Overeating or drinking, and putting on weight
  • Self-indulgence and lack of discipline
  • Being over-demanding and expecting others to take care of you

These transits can represent a time when you can feel contented and happy. You’ll be more willing to help others and your trust in life and those close to you will be strong. Old insecurities may resurface but you should be able to see them with new eyes and find a way to heal past hurts and disappointments, and look forward to a brighter future with more opportunities waiting around the corner.


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  • Astrodienst forecasts – Liz Greene
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
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5 thoughts on “Jupiter Transits to the Moon

  1. I would like to say thanks to Jessica and others who contribute on internet of different transits.

    First I read Mr Hands Planets in transit, but there was not much about the home there (moon). So I started to search the Web för further reading about Jupiter transit opposition natal Moon. ( 25 degrees Leo).
    I also read on the Web about an aspect that I have ( Uranus conjuct Moon). Very interesting to read about the disastrous effect such an aspect can have. I really gone trough everything regarding my different homes, except Tornados and Tsunamis….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well written Jessica. I had just had or have Jupiter transit opposition moon. For years I have had 2 houses in a rural area of Sweden.
    In need of repair , and with no car and over 500 kilometer from where I live. As Suddenly like a flash I got help from a woman who saw the possibilites with these houses. What sign was she born in? … Saggitarius of course….😃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello. I will have an exact transit Jupiter trine natal Moon in a few weeks and transit Saturn in sagittarius will simultaneously be opposing my moon. The Moon rules the 9th house of higher education, philosophy, religion in my chart. So, I have recently applied for University entrance for the upcoming year and they have not replied just yet (Saturn = delays). Hopefully when Jupiter (Luck, blessings) comes around in an exact trine, I will get some good news. But I also believe that the planet Saturn can reward the native – depending on how hard one was willing work in the recent times prior the transit. Saturn is the planet of Karma after all. So I am not really nervous because I know I worked extremely hard during college. But above all, God’s majestic hand is the one that will make judgement on whether I proceed to university or not.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Yonela. Many years ago I applied for a grant so I could attend college just as Saturn moved to oppose my Sun. It was no surprise that I didn’t get the grant. I ended up applying for money from another source and had to start the course without knowing if I would get the award or not. But it was ok in the end. I got the grant and could continue on the course.

      Good luck with your studies. I hope Jupiter comes through for you!



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