Jupiter Transits to Mars

Jupiter MarsWhen Jupiter transits natal Mars the desire for growth and expansion influences your energy levels and how you assert yourself. Jupiter represents the urge for new experiences and the aspiration to improve your life and open to future possibilities.

When Jupiter transits Mars it enhances your physical vitality which gives you more energy to pursue your goals. Your desire to achieve something will be expanded and you’ll want to assert yourself more directly. Your sex drive will also be more intense. Jupiter boosts your confidence and makes you feel stronger and more competent. You’ll feel courageous and ready to tackle any new challenge that comes your way, and this makes it a great time to start a new project or enterprise. You could achieve a long-standing goal now because you have more energy and are more willing to go for it and push to succeed.

This expanded assertiveness and sense of self-mastery can make you feel more ambitious and you may want to take a leading role in some area of your life, or enhance your existing leadership position. You’ll be more willing to take risks now and undertake more adventurous activities.

Jupiter expands everything it touches so it can also mean that the Mars energy over-expands into aggressiveness and a careless attitude. You could lose your temper more often, especially if you’re already that way inclined, or you could become more accident prone. These transits make it possible to work very hard because they increase your energy, but that also means you don’t realise how hard you’re pushing yourself until something goes wrong. Try to rest when you can, and don’t force things. You can achieve your goals now so long as you’re being realistic about what’s possible.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting Mars:
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved physical health
  • Acting decisively to achieve a goal
  • Starting a new project or enterprise
  • Starting an exercise regime to increase physical strength or stamina
  • Professional success and achievement in career
Watch out for:
  • Too much risky activity leading to accidents
  • Overconfidence leading to falling short
  • Domineering attitude and arrogance
  • Impulsive action

These transits release a lot of energy so you will probably feel very restless at this time, and full of ideas and plans for the future. If you can channel that energy into specific projects you could accomplish a huge amount. The key to making the most of Jupiter transiting Mars is to know what you want. If you have a clear focus you won’t waste any time or energy on things that will never work. Keep your eye on your goal and don’t gamble with what you can’t afford to lose, and remember to rest when you can. If in doubt, take a deep breath and count to ten.


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