Jupiter Transits to Saturn

Jupiter SaturnWhen Jupiter transits natal Saturn the desire for growth and expansion influences the structures in your life and feelings of security. Jupiter represents the aspiration to improve life and broaden your horizons with new plans and possibilities for the future.

When Jupiter transits Saturn it expands your ambition and desire for professional advancement, and will bring to the fore any feelings you have about your material security and long-term priorities and goals. You may want to change jobs or vocations, or make changes to your overall life structure. During this time you may work extremely hard to achieve something, but the fruits of all your hard work won’t be obvious immediately. Saturn tends to slow things down, so you’ll have to wait and continue to work without any clear signs of success.

This is a good time to get a clearer idea of what you can do to improve your life through education, training, taking more chances, or starting new projects.

Saturn shows where you feel limited by negative attitudes, inner conflict, and outer restrictions, so Jupiter can expand these problems too (especially with the square and opposition transits). This can increase your stress levels, so you’ll need to spend more time relaxing and find a way to offset the increased stress. Your most restrictive and fearful tendencies could become amplified, but Jupiter is just making it possible for you to see exactly where you need to heal and become more trusting. Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, and other relaxation techniques can help to release the stress of this time.

Despite the problems that can arise now, you can still make much progress if you try, even if it is accompanied by increased stress and tension. This is an opportunity to release some of your fears and self-doubts. Your Saturn placement by sign and house, plus natal aspects, will give you some clues as to what those fears might be. Jupiter will bring these up so you can face them and bring them into consciousness.

Your finances could also struggle at this time, and you may have to take on extra work or responsibilities without getting any more money. Don’t worry – you’ll get paid eventually. The work you do now will bear fruit in the long run. With the soft transits (sextile and trine) you’re likely to be careful and pragmatic with your money and it can be good time for investments or expanding a business. You can turn your ideas for the future into practical plans and work patiently towards a goal.

The hard transits (conjunction, square, and opposition) can bring tension and confusion, but only if you’re insecure or frustrated with how your life is going. You can become more aware of changes that need to be made and you’ll either choose to transform existing structures or break free to create new ones. You may feel quite restless and unsure how things will turn out, but if you can remember to de-stress, you should be able to find a way to build the future you envision now.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting Saturn:
  • Working hard to achieve a long-held ambition
  • Investing carefully for the future
  • Taking on more responsibility in order to grow
  • Turning your ideals into reality
  • Expanding or starting a new business
  • Taking your losses philosophically and learning from setbacks
Watch out for:
  • Restlessness and high stress levels
  • Confusion over the direction of your life
  • Misjudgements in business – expanding too much or not enough

If you’re happy to take on more responsibility and work hard, and life is functioning smoothly, you’ll be able to expand the structures of your life and balance the desire to grow with the need to preserve the status quo. These transits can provide an opportunity to build a solid foundation for future achievement and prosperity.


  • Exploring Jupiter – Stephen Arroyo
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
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