Jupiter Transits to Venus

Jupiter VenusWhen Jupiter transits natal Venus the desire for growth and expansion influences your relationships and finances. Jupiter represents aspirations to expand and improve your life by broadening your horizons and opening up new possibilities for growth.

When Jupiter transits Venus it expands your social interactions and relationships, your financial situation, values, and feelings of attractiveness. If you’re a woman, Jupiter will bring to the fore how you feel about your own femininity, and if you’re a man it will influence how you see the women in your life. Either way, you’ll want to improve your relationships and gain more intimacy with those you’re close to.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so if you’ve been feeling lonely or have any relationship problems a hard angle from Jupiter could make things worse. Any feelings that are already there will be magnified, but this makes it easier for you to see what’s going on and then make any necessary changes. Difficult Jupiter transits to Venus could push you into being greedy or taking things too far into excess. You could find yourself repulsed by someone as easily as finding them attractive. Aspects to your natal Venus can provide clues as to how this transit may affect you.

With the soft transits (sextile and trine) you’ll be feeling warm and friendly towards everyone, and will want to express your love and appreciation openly. The only danger here is that you feel so good that you just sit back and indulge yourself and wait for things to come to you. But your powers of attraction are so strong now that it would be a waste of an excellent opportunity.

At this time you’ll be more open to emotional experience of all kinds, and you may fall in love with love. You may be flirting more than usual and could meet a special someone. It’s also a good time to make a favourable impression or smooth over any difficulties that may have arisen in your relationships. So even if you feel like not doing much of anything, take some time to examine your relationships to see if you could improve them.

With the hard transits (conjunction, square and opposition) you may have to watch for compulsive feelings that overwhelm others because you’re pushing too hard to get what you want. It’s easy to get overexcited by these transits and think that you need to grasp what you want, but there’s no need. Your powers of attraction have increased so you don’t need to push it. Try to relax and trust others to meet you half way.

The other danger is that you may feel you need more space and freedom in your relationships and this could cause turmoil between you and your loved ones. This is the conflict between Venus wanting to be close, and Jupiter wanting to be free. There’s no easy answer to this, except to be honest with yourself and each other about what you’re feeling and what you need, and then you might be able to resolve the problem.

Possibilities with Jupiter transiting Venus:
  • Harmonious and positive relationships
  • Increased socialising and having fun
  • Purchasing beautiful or valuable objects
  • Start of a new love relationship
  • Doing someone a favour, or they return a favour to you
  • Taking a holiday
  • Throwing a party
Watch out for:
  • Eating too many sweet or fattening foods
  • Spending too much money on things you can’t afford
  • Relationship breakups due to emotional differences
  • Feeling passive and unenterprising due to laziness

These transits can be very pleasant and enjoyable. If you guard against being lazy and self-indulgent you can take the opportunity to improve your relationships and expand your social circle. Your finances may improve and money could come your way unexpectedly, but don’t count on it!


  • Exploring Jupiter – Stephen Arroyo
  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
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