Mystic Warrior Practice – Collective Context

Last time we looked at the personal dimension of the wider context of your life. But since no one is an island, you also need to explore how you fit in to the rest of society and the world-at-large. Collective Context covers the myths and concepts that shape your life whether you’re aware of them… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Collective Context

21st Century Crisis

Active Hope and the Spiritual Revolution: Stories of Our Time

It might not feel like it, but we’re a lucky bunch. We’re living at a time of great upheaval and confusion when everything we’ve known is crumbling under our feet. Why is this lucky? Because we’re the ones who get to decide how things turn out. It’s the choices we make today that will determine… Continue reading Active Hope and the Spiritual Revolution: Stories of Our Time

21st Century Crisis

BREXIT: the beginning of the end or the start of something better?

I wasn’t going to write about Brexit but my country is tearing itself apart and I can’t look away. We’ve strapped ourselves into a rollercoaster that’s coming off the rails. It probably won’t end well – at least, not for the poor. But then, it never ends well for the poor. Over the last week… Continue reading BREXIT: the beginning of the end or the start of something better?

Book Reviews

Fantasy Reading List: Station Eleven

Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel is about a travelling Shakespearean theatre company set in post-apocalyptic America. You could call it speculative fiction or literary sci-fi, although Mandel herself calls it “literary fiction that’s set partly in the future.” Whatever the category, it’s an extraordinary book; compelling and spellbinding. I couldn’t stop reading, and… Continue reading Fantasy Reading List: Station Eleven

Spirituality · The Shining Ones

Gobekli Tepe: the temple rewriting history

The stone age temples dug into a hill near Sanliurfa in Turkey are causing a storm. It’s not often we find something that overturns everything we know, but Gobekli Tepe is a genuine mystery. Archaeology and history are being rewritten. Not that you’d know about it. The discoveries haven’t been suppressed, they’re just not being reported… Continue reading Gobekli Tepe: the temple rewriting history

21st Century Crisis · Book Reviews · Psychology

Dispelling Wetiko: Review

In Dispelling Wetiko, Paul Levy describes the mind virus known as wetiko. He explores the collective psychosis now gripping our culture and challenges us to look inside ourselves for answers. Wetiko represents a collective nightmare that we are all dreaming together. It is an archetype arising from the collective unconscious – a psychic virus that… Continue reading Dispelling Wetiko: Review