Natal Chiron in 8th House

Chiron 8thThis placement is similar to Chiron in Scorpio.

Chiron in the 8th shows that your unhealed wound is to your power and sexuality. It may manifest through the areas of finances, mortality, and hidden matters.

Other possibilities include:

  • Encounter with death early in life, perhaps a birth trauma or life-threatening illness
  • Fascinated with death and your own potential destructiveness
  • Personal growth experienced as a life or death struggle
  • Difficulty achieving financial self-sufficiency
  • Controlling and protective to hide your vulnerability in relationships
  • Power struggles in relationships that are experienced as all-consuming and passionate
  • Relationships trigger primitive emotions of rage, jealousy, and fear
  • Sex and sexuality may be experienced as wounding and/or healing
  • Fear of your own power and difficulty taking control of your own life

Healing comes from integrating the dark sides of the soul and making peace with your deepest instinctual self.

For the essence of how Chiron in 8th house will manifest – see Chiron’s sign placement. Also see Chiron in Scorpio.


  • Chiron and the Healing Journey – Melanie Reinhart
  • Chiron: Healing Body and Soul – Martin Lass


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